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DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

Product                    :Adjustable DC Voltage Constant-currentPower Supply
Model                        :DC-500W-500KW
Input Range           :±10%
Output Voltage     :0-5000VAC 
Output Current     :0-5000A
Output Accuracy :±1%
Phase                         :Single Phase or Three Phase
Other voltages or requirements can be customized.
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※ Product Characteristic

Adopt switch mains with no power transformer technology, so input compatible with AC or DCfunction,and the input voltage range is wide. With elaborate design, small volume, light weight,high efficiency, use the advanced switching power supply control technology and components toensure the stability & reliability of the long-term operation at full capacity. It have the functionthat can directly connect masterless modular parallel current or masterless modular current-sharing(MMCS) control technique.


※ Voltage Stabilization & Constant Current

The power supply output voltage value (when the output current < output voltage of output constant current value ) and constant current value (when the output voltage < output current of output voltage value) can be continuously adjusted in the scope of their respective maximum. Adjustable constantcurrent output value bring convenience to many applications,  suach as debugging applications, rurn down the constant current value can effectively protect the load equipment.


※ Protection Function

Have perfect protection function. Built-in temperature-controlled cooling fan, so heat dissipation are effective; and the service life of fan are effectively extended. Overheating automatic shutdown protection; output over voltage, over current and short circuit protection. Soft start when stepup time delay, to avoid  instantaneous impact.


※ Environmental Conditions

Storage Temperature:(-20~50)℃;       Working Temperature:(-5~45)℃;

Relative Humidity :90%(40±2℃);       Atmospheric Pressure:(70~106)kPa;


※ Operating Principle 

AC or DC input voltage through "trap" circuit to the " rectifier filter” circuit, get high DC voltage (about 300 v). "Power Conversion" invert high DC voltage into 35 KHZ high frequency AC current;through the transformation of high-frequency transformer to get the desired output voltage, then through the high- frequency rectifier filter to get output voltage. Control circuit sample on the output voltage and output current. After closed loop feedback, the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal control the “power conversion” circuit, so the output voltage or current are keep stable.


"Auxiliary Power Supply (APS)" is composed of switch power supply. Due to the Industrial Frequency Transformer is completely cancel, therefore the AC and DC input are compatible. Output voltage stabilization and constant current sample from the output side, and therefore high stability and reliability are available.

"Protection Circuit" provide temperature-controlled fans, output over-voltage over-current, overheating protection, short circuit protection, etc.

·Simple but practical. Easy to operate.

·Low Voltage Distortion.

·Safty Protections.

·Wide optional output voltage can be choosed.

·Applying IGBT/PWM technology.

·Both RS232 and RS485 are Optional.

·Customization is available. Output voltage 0-1000V adjustable, output frequency 5-1000HZ adjustable

·can be connected to PLC

·Suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive and other mixed loads.

·Each phase can be loaded independently.

Adjustable DC Voltage Constant-current Power Supply
Input Voltage Three Phase AC380V±10%50Hz;(Single Phase AC 220V±10%
Single output voltage adjustable range (0) V (Customized)
Single output constant current value adjustable range (0) V (Customized)
Source Voltage Regulation Voltage Regulation≤0.5
Load Regulation Voltage Regulation≤1
Constant Current ≤2
Overall Efficiency ≥86
Ripple Voltage Total ripple voltage Vpp≤2%
※ Output Voltage Accuracy±1.5%
Output Current Accuracy±2%
Output Voltage Overshoot during Startup ≤2%。
Insulation Resistance InputOutput≥20MΩ
InputEnclosure ≥20MΩ
OutputEnclosure ≥80MΩ
Insulating Strength InputOutputAC1500V10mA1min
InputEnclosure AC1500V10mA1min
OutputEnclosure AC1500V10mA1min
Overtemperature Protection Temperature Threshold (7585)℃
MTBF ≥50000H
Cooling Air Tunnel Internal cooling wind left in, right out


Series Model Voltage Current Series Model Voltage Current
600W Series
DC-3020 0-30V 0-20A 12KWSeries
DC-20600 0-20V 0-600A
DC-6010 0-60V 0-10A DC-30400 0-30V 0-400A
DC-1006 0-100V 0-6A DC-50250 0-50V 0-250A
DC-2003 0-200V 0-3A DC-60200 0-60V 0-200A
DC-3002 0-300V 0-2A DC-100120 0-100V 0-120A
1KW Series
DC-3030 0-30V 0-30A DC-120100 0-120V 0-100A
DC-5020 0-50V 0-20A DC-20060 0-200V 0-60A
DC-10010 0-100V 0-10A DC-30040 0-300V 0-40A
DC-2005 0-200V 0-5A DC-50025 0-500V 0-25A
DC-3003 0-300V 0-3A DC-60020 0-600V 0-20A
3KW Series
DC-15200 0-15V 0-200A DC-100012 0-1000V 0-12A
DC-20150 0-20V 0-150A 15KW Series
DC-20800 0-20V 0-800A
DC-30100 0-30V 0-100A DC-30500 0-30V 0-500A
DC-5060 0-50V 0-60A DC-50300 0-50V 0-300A
DC-6050 0-60V 0-50A DC-100150 0-100V 0-150A
DC-10030 0-100V 0-30A DC-150100 0-150V 0-100A
DC-15020 0-150V 0-20A DC-30050 0-300V 0-50A
DC-20015 0-200V 0-15A DC-50030 0-500V 0-30A
DC-30010 0-300V 0-10A DC-100015 0-1000V 0-15A
DC-6005 0-600V 0-5A 20KWSeries
DC-40500 0-40V 0-500A
DC-10001 0-1000V 0-1A DC-50400 0-50V 0-400A
DC-20001 0-2000V 0-1A DC-100200 0-100V 0-200A
6KW Series
DC-15400 0-15V 0-400A DC-50040 0-500V 0-40A
DC-20300 0-20V 0-300A DC-80025 0-800V 0-25A
DC-30200 0-30V 0-200A DC-100020 0-1000V 0-20A
DC-50120 0-50V 0-120A 25KWSeries
DC-50500 0-50V 0-500A
DC-60100 0-60V 0-100A DC-100250 0-100V 0-250A
DC-10060 0-100V 0-60A DC-250100 0-250V 0-100A
DC-20030 0-200V 0-30A DC-50050 0-500V 0-50A
DC-30020 0-300V 0-20A DC-80030 0-800V 0-30A
DC-60010 0-600V 0-10A 30KW Series
DC-301000 0-30V 0-1000A
DC-10005 0-1000V 0-5A DC-50600 0-50V 0-600A
9KW Series
DC-30250 0-30V 0-250A DC-100300 0-100V 0-300A
DC-60150 0-60V 0-150A DC-250120 0-250V 0-120A
DC15060 0-150V 0-60A DC-300100 0-300V 0-100A
DC-20040 0-200V 0-40A DC-50060 0-500V 0-60A
DC-30030 0-300V 0-30A DC-80040 0-800V 0-40A
DC-60015 0-600V 0-15A DC-100030 0-1000V 0-30A
40KW Series
DC-50800 0-50V 0-800A 60KW Series
DC-601000 0-60V 0-1000A
DC-200200 0-200V 0-200A DC-100600 0-100V 0-600A
DC-50080 0-500V 0-80A DC-300200 0-300V 0-200A
DC-80050 0-800V 0-50A DC-600100 0-600V 0-100A
DC-100040 0-1000V 0-40A DC-100060 0-1000V 0-60A
DC-501000 0-50V 0-1000A 120KW Series Voltage 0-10000V, Current 0-10000A
50KW Series
DC-100500 0-100V 0-500A 200KW Series Voltage 0-10000V, Current 0-10000A
DC-250200 0-250V 0-200A 400KW Series Voltage 0-10000V, Current 0-10000A
DC-500100 0-500V 0-100A 800KW Series Voltage 0-10000V, Current 0-10000A
DC-100050 0-1000V 0-50A 1000KW Series Voltage 0-10000V, Current 0-10000A

DC Power Supply are generally designed for Communications, radio, scientific research, power electronics, plating solution, battery charging, components ageing, industrial control equipment, DC motor driving and test, power tools, etc. 

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