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Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer

Product : Isolation Transformer
Model     : SG-1KVA-1000KVA
Phase     : Single Phase or Three Phase
Other voltages or requirements can be customized.
Tel:+86 18718357506

Dry Type Step-up& Step-down isolation Transformer consists of cylindrical winding and laminated core.The iron core is made of Taiwan high-quality silicon steel silicon steel plate stacking, full-oblique seams. Winding using the whole row delamination winding method. After twice vacuum pressure dipping, and 110 ℃ high temperature baking for 4 hours, the insulation of the transformer can achieve grade F or H-class. Full load temperature would not exceed 65 ℃. Finally, three is almost no noise and vibration phenomenon.

·Energy-saving and low-noise: high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets are used for stacking; the vacuum dipping process effectively reduces the vibration and noise during operation; through the introduction of new processes and new technology manufacturing, the energy-saving effect of the transformer is effectively improved.


·High reliability: The products are manufactured in full accordance with the latest national dry-type power transformer standards, with reasonable structure, high efficiency, undistorted waveforms, long-term safe operation and stable performance.


·Environmental protection features: The products fully comply with the national low-carbon standards, with heat resistance, moisture resistance, stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature resistance, radiation resistance and non-toxicity.


·Voltage conversion functions(eg:△/Yo or Yo/ △connection)


·Filter anti-interference function(eg:Can remove three times harmonics)


·With the function of heat resistance, moisture resistance,stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature resistance, radio resistance and non-toxic environmental protection, etc.


Single Phase

Three Phase

Power Ratings



Input Voltage

1φ 220V/110V

3φ 220V/380V

Output Voltage

Can be customized to meet client’s requirements




Y/△, Y/Y, or △/Y



 Insulation Class

B class, F class, H class, HC class for option.

Overload Capacity

More than 1.2 times the rated load,allowed to work for 2 hours

Cooling Type



≤35dB(Within one meter)



 Insulation Resistance


Dielectric Strength



20 years

Work Environment

Temperature:-20~+40℃ Humidity:≤93%RH ,No condensation

Working place

No corrosive gas and conductive dust

Safety standards

Compliance with VDE0550、IEC439、JB5555、GB226 etc, international standards.

No Power Rating Model Size (W*D*H mm)
1 3KVA SG-3KVA 430*320*400
2 5KVA SG-5KVA 430*320*400
3 7KVA SG-7KVA 430*320*400
5 10KVA SG-10KVA 500*400*500
6 15KVA SG-15KVA 500*400*500
7 20KVA SG-20KVA 500*400*500
8 30KVA SG-30KVA 630*400*620
9 40KVA SG-40KVA 630*400*620
10 50KVA SG-50KVA 700*500*700
11 60KVA SG-60KVA 700*500*700
12 80KVA SG-80KVA 700*500*700
13 100KVA SG-100KVA 800*550*900
14 120KVA SG-120KVA 800*550*900
15 150KVA SG-150KVA 900*650*1100
16 200KVA SG-200KVA 900*650*1100
17 250KVA SG-250KVA 900*650*1100
18 300KVA SG-300KVA 1100*800*1500
19 400KVA SG-400KVA 1100*800*1500
20 500KVA SG-500KVA 1400*1000*1600
21 600KVA SG-600KVA 1400*1000*1600
1. The above Sizes are our standard type for your information.
2. Customized products maybe with different sizes and weights.
3. Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

This product is widely used for national defense, mechanical processing equipment, transportation, communications, scientific research, industry, transportation, railways, large electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, CNC machine tools, printing machines, laser cutting machines, production lines, construction engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, Embroidery textile equipment, air-conditioning, radio and television, household appliances, lighting, new energy and other power-consuming occasions that need to change the voltages.

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