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Shenzhen SST Power entered into the Philips company, sincerely cooperate and create a better future hand in hand

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It is the unremitting goal of all our colleagues in Suppai Xinyuan to follow the "One Belt, One Road" development strategy to go abroad and into the world. Today, we are moving forward firmly towards our goal with high morale.


Philips was established in 1995, after more than ten years of growth and expansion, it has gradually developed into an important force in the Chinese healthcare market. Philips Healthcare Business Unit formally established the "Basic Medical Business Unit" in the first quarter of this year to further focus on the penetration of the basic market. The business scope covers all product lines including sales of CT, GXR, MR, U/S, PCCI, etc. . In addition, Philips is also the patient monitoring and clinical information division and the research and development and industrial base of gynecological products. Serving basic medical institutions and rapidly expanding this fast-growing market by investing in suitable new product development, new service models, clinical training projects, further development and improvement of sales channels and other fields, namely the new Philips "Basic Medical Solutions" . About Philips Value Segment Business The traditional business of Philips Healthcare is mainly concentrated in the mid-to-high-end market, namely third-level and above hospitals.


In the past two years, our company has supplied thousands of power supplies for Philips products, which have been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. During the cooperation process, we have provided high-quality products, technical support and perfect after-sales service. In the development process of the three major areas of R&D, production, and sales, Internet World Company respects knowledge, respects talents, recruits talents, based on innovation, constantly develops new projects, produces new products, rushes out of the country, and enters the world. Achievement rushes towards a brilliant tomorrow.

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