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    Can 3 phase voltage stabilizer be used at home?-Cheap 3 phase voltage stabilizer

    Date of issue:2022-04-08 General view:91

    3 phase voltage stabilizer is a large-scale voltage auxiliary power supply developed and produced for 380V industrial electricity. Generally, the three-phase voltage stabilizer is at least 10KVA to thousands of KVA. Among them, the 3 phase voltage stabilizer, the line access is all three-phase electricity, and it is not a three-phase live wire and a neutral wire.


      The 3 phase voltage stabilizer is generally connected to large-scale industrial production equipment, and the conventional wiring method of this type of electrical equipment is: three live wires, one neutral wire and ground wire, a total of five line inputs, and for some special equipment , the input may have three live wires and one ground wire, or even only three live wires.


      For household appliances, it is generally single-phase input, and the general line is divided into: a live wire, a neutral wire, and for a slightly larger power appliance, each with a live wire, a neutral wire and a ground wire. The household voltage is 220V, so when choosing a voltage stabilizer, if it is a household voltage stabilizer, we choose a single-phase voltage stabilizer. The difference between a single-phase voltage stabilizer and a 3-phase voltage stabilizer is that the voltage output and input of the single-phase voltage stabilizer are connected to a live wire and a neutral wire.


      Summary: The 3 phase voltage stabilizer is an industrial 380V voltage stabilizer, while the household voltage stabilizer is 220V, so the 3 phase voltage stabilizer cannot be used for home use.

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