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    Does the voltage stabilizer cost electricity?-voltage stabilizer for home

    Date of issue:2022-04-11 General view:79

    When customers buy a household voltage stabilizer, they will start to consider some questions, such as whether the electricity consumption will increase rapidly after using the voltage stabilizer? Nowadays, electrical appliances are beginning to change to low energy consumption. The word power consumption is also a concern that everyone is more concerned about, and it is also an issue that must be considered by the country and energy-saving work. So what is the power consumption of a general household voltage stabilizer?


      This question is very curious and concerned by everyone, so let's analyze it:


      At present, the power consumption of several voltage stabilizers on the market is generally very low. The TNS/D series of voltage stabilizers generally do not exceed 1% under no-load conditions, and the load generally does not exceed 3-5%. The higher the power, the higher the full-load efficiency. SBW is a high-power type with an efficiency of more than 50KVA, which can basically reach more than 98%. However, the loss of induction type and oil-immersed voltage stabilizer is larger.


      Therefore, whether the voltage stabilizer consumes electricity can not be fully explained here. It is still necessary to distinguish which model it is, but they are all low-power consumption, but everyone must like low-power consumption, and it is also in line with energy saving in the current era. low carbon concept.

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