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    Single-phase microcomSputer type AC regulator Automatic servo motor type AC automatic voltage stabilizer 1KVA to 10KVA

    Date of issue:2024-01-02 General view:72

    This series of microcomputer AC voltage stabilizers  is a new generation of intelligent voltage stabilizing equipment.


    It adopts the latest microcontroller calculation and measurement chip control technology, fast AC sampling technology, effective value correction technology and fast compensation voltage stabilization technology, and combines intelligent instruments, fast voltage stabilization and fault diagnosis to make the product safe, efficient and precise.


    It is mainly composed of isolation transformer, auto-coupling voltage regulator, CPU control core, intelligent voltage stabilization technology and safety protection device, realizing a fully automatic control, safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly intelligent voltage stabilizer.


    Products are widely used in large electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, elevators, medical equipment, embroidery and textile equipment, air conditioners, radio and television, household appliances and building lighting in the fields of industry, transportation, post and telecommunications, national defense, railways, scientific research and other fields. Electrical equipment that requires stable voltage.


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