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Product           :Intelligent Street Lights Power Saver
Model               :3kVA-4000kVA  (Both indoor and outdoor)
Input Range : ±15% (±15%~60% Can be customized)
Phase               :Three Phase or Single Phase
Other voltages or requirements can be customized.
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1.Product Introduction

This intelligent lighting power saver is installed at the front end of the line, and the working curve of the power saving system can be automatically controlled through the built-in intelligent controller or programmable controller,  astronomical clock , bright controller, etc., so as to easily control the load on the entire line , The power saving rate is as high as 20%~40%, which extends the life of the light source and accessories by two to three times, and reduces the overall operating cost by more than 30% to 50%. Compared with other current domestic lighting energy-saving solutions, this solution has its own uniqueness in terms of energy-saving control technology and lower operating costs.


Intelligent street lamp energy-saving system take a microcomputer as the core , built-in power-saving software to optimize the power supply rate of light with and real-time monitoring and phase tracking. Automatically smoothly adjust voltage and current amplitude of the light circuit, improving the power factor of the lighting circuit system, reducing the operating temperature of the lamps and lines, to ensure that the light can work under normal conditions, to let the lights own the   the best light power, reducing the lighting caused by overcharging glare, so that the light emitted more soft, lighting distribution more balanced , but it also can greatly reduce the proportional power.


2. Working Environment

Ambient temperature: -15°C~+40°C

Relative humidity; ≤90%

Altitude: ≤1000m

No vibration or bumps in the installation site

There is no gas, steam, chemically deposited dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the voltage and insulation.

·Large-screen LCD display

Using large LCD screen, can dynamically display the working voltage, working current, and various working conditions.


·Non-contact (Or stepless )Voltage Regulation

Between 180V ~ 230V, user could select the output voltage value and time period of output voltages changes arbitrarily. Base on the setting time,  Power Saver will automatically and slowly changes the output voltage as the setting value .


·Time Control

Eight periods per day can be set, each period can output different power-saving voltage (arbitrarily determined).


·Wide Input Voltage Swing Ranges

Input Range  can be customized from - ±15% to ±60%


·High Precision for the Output Voltage

Output Voltage Accuracy could be ±1% (±1% to ±5% adjustable)


·Multi-protection Design

Highly reliable and endurable design.   With the protection of over-voltage, under-voltage ,over-load, short-circuit, manual bypass.


·Independent Phase Control

Three - phase input and output  are adjusted separately to achieve balance so that the equipment can operate normally. This type voltage stabilizer has higher accuracy and more stable operation.


·Rain Proof Enclosure, Corrosion Resistant
Adopt rainproof design, can effectively prevent rainwater splashing. The product adopts the whole high temperature spray paint treatment, the anti-corrosion is high.


Rated Voltage

Phase Voltage AC 220V,Line Voltage AC 380V ( Or customized)

Sabilized Voltage Range

3P4W+G 323V-437V ( Or customized)




Rated Voltage

Phase Voltage AC 220V,Line Voltage AC 380V

Center Voltage

±7℅(can be adjusted)

Output Accuracy


Response Time


Waveform Distortion

Do not produce additional waveform distortion(Static)



Three-phase Unbalance Factor

Three-phase voltage balance automatically, incrimination≤2%



The output phase voltage is higher than 10℅(242V),Uninterrupted to bypass


The output phase voltage is lower than 10℅(198V),Uninterrupted to bypass

Phase Loss

Yes,uninterrupted to bypass (Option)


Electric detection, overload 1 minute, the output would be cut off.


Electronic detection and circuit breaker dual protection.

Short Circuit

Electronic detection and circuit breaker dual protection.


Manual bypass and automatic bypass. (Option)



A、B、C、∑ABC Three-phase shows respectively true and effective values


A、B、C、∑ABC Three-phase shows respectively true and effective values

Working State



Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, fuse blowing


DSP operate metering chip intelligent control technology


With automatic voltage regulation and the bypass, two working mode.


 Three-phase adjust voltage separately



3 times the rated current, 1 second, can be adapted to the resistive, inductive, capacitive and impact load; can withstand the instantaneous overload impact.  Stabilizer continuously output the rated current. When temperature rise stably, overload 10% for 30 minutes is allowed. Short-term (5 minutes) overload current  (1.6 times rated value) is also allowed.

No Model Size (W*D*H mm) Gross Weight(KG)
1 PS-S10KVA 340×400×770 80KG
2 PS-S15KVA 93KG
3 PS-S22.5KVA 390×500×820 126KG
4 PS-S30KVA 140KG
5 PS-S50KVA 450×670×1050 157KG
6 PS-S60KVA 216KG
7 PS-S80KVA 500×770×1250 295KG
8 PS-S100KVA 325KG
1. The above Sizes and Weights are our standard type for your information.
2. Customized products maybe with different sizes and weights.
3. Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

This product is widely used for municipal lighting projects, highway renovation projects, road lighting upgrade projects, urban comprehensive renovation construction projects, roads and supporting projects, road network construction projects, street lamp special change installation projects, etc.

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