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    Features and key points of contactless voltage stabilizer

    Date of issue:2022-04-07 General view:161

    The invention of electricity can be said to be a milestone in the history of human beings, and the only way we can solve the voltage instability is the voltage stabilizer. If electricity is the track that drives people's development, then the voltage stabilizer is the driving force of development. It can be said that the voltage stabilizer is a great invention after the relay. Although the role of electricity in people's lives can be described as vital. If the voltage is unstable, it will directly affect people's production and life.


    With the development of science and technology, voltage stabilizers are also being updated, and many more professional types have appeared due to different use occasions. At present, the non-contact voltage stabilizer can be said to occupy most of the voltage stabilizer industry, and it has still dominated the market for many years after its launch. It has also been widely used in the market. Here, I will introduce the characteristics and key points of the non-contact voltage stabilizer. Features of contactless voltage stabilizer:


    First of all, when the input voltage of the mains is at the rated voltage of the voltage stabilizer, in the normal working state of the non-contact processing, the input voltage and the output voltage are the same, but there will be about one second after the machine is turned on. Corresponding compensation function, which also makes the electrical appliance burn out easily. If you enter the next boot, if the voltage of the last time is too high, it can continue to this time a little bit, and it is easy to be dangerous. If the voltage of the last time is too low, the electrical appliance cannot work normally. However, the contactless voltage stabilizer can control the voltage very well, so that the voltage of the previous time does not continue the next time, which is a great technological progress.


    Three-phase sub-adjustment means that the voltage of each phase must work independently without affecting each other, which greatly improves the accuracy of voltage stabilization, and can improve the voltage stabilization accuracy by 100 times compared with ordinary voltage stabilizers. one part. In addition, each phase of the non-contact voltage stabilizer can independently output a stable voltage value according to its needs, and when the output voltage value of each phase is the same, the voltage of the three phases will not appear unbalanced. Phenomenon, the highest value will not exceed one percent.


    No distortion is another feature of the contactless voltage stabilizer. In the process of current switching, the technology of the non-contact voltage stabilizer can achieve that no current passes through at all, so that the waveform of the current will not be distorted, and the isolation compensation transformer will isolate the main circuit and other circuits, and there will be no The appearance of wave peaks and wave troughs keeps electrical appliances in normal and standard radio wave work. Another feature is the small size, which is easy to be ignored but crucial. Of course, the small size alone cannot reflect much value. The most important thing is the high efficiency and the pollution-free environment. Small size and easy to transport


    The work efficiency can reach more than 90% satisfactory, and the characteristics of environmental protection are a key word advocated in today's society, so the product of Shenzhen Goode is worth using.


    The key points of the contactless voltage stabilizer:


    1. Smart meter, this system displays many parameters, which can accurately convey the voltage, current, power and other figures through the pointer on the meter. By viewing these parameters, it is easy to judge whether the voltage stabilizer is working normally, that is, it can be It can be seen whether the current is working normally, which increases the safety of electrical appliances.


    2. High-speed response, the non-contact voltage stabilizer can accept a wide range of voltages. For normal electricity use, if the voltage jumps up and down tens of volts unstable due to some reasons, the general voltage stabilizer cannot be controlled. It must be It will burn out, and it will stop working in an instant, which will affect the smooth progress of many things, but the non-contact can still be adjusted to the normal range even when the voltage fluctuates greatly and frequently. It works normally, which is a very important feature of non-contact.


    3. Regarding overload capacity. We often see that due to the increase in business volume, many factories have to put many electrical instruments together to work at the same time, which brings a great burden to the voltage stabilizer, but this is also the time to test the voltage stabilizer, the general voltage The stabilizer will definitely collapse due to the burden of overloading, but the non-contact voltage stabilizer produced by Shenzhen Goode can bear a lot of pressure and work normally because of its high-tech technology. At the same time, the change of voltage can be adjusted, so that the amount of voltage is always within the normal range.

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