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    Can UPS power supply bring routers? What aspects should be paid attention to? - online ups 6kva 10kva

    Date of issue:2022-04-07 General view:67

    The ups power supply can be used with a router, but it should be noted that the voltage of the router is consistent with the voltage of the ups power supply. If you already have an ups power supply in use, you do not know whether it can be used or not. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer, explain which product and other detailed information to understand .


    Can UPS power supply bring router?

    1. It can be used, and because it has a voltage stabilization effect, it is better for places where the power supply is unstable. Connect the input terminal of the UPS to the power supply, and the power supply of the router to the output terminal of the UPS.


    2. The UPS power supply uses the inverter to turn the unstable power supply into a stable power supply, which can protect the computer and other equipment. If the UPS has batteries, it can also power the router in the event of a power outage, which is also what many people want.


    Uninterruptible power supply, that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a power supply system device that converts the DC voltage of the battery into commercial power through an inverter device. It is mainly used to ensure that the electrical appliance always has a commercial power supply regardless of whether there is commercial power.


    Because the output power of the UPS is much greater than the input power required by the network router, there is no problem using the UPS to power the network router.


    Ups power band routers need to pay attention:

    1. In principle, it can be used, but it must be used in accordance with the voltage of the router.


    2. In addition to the output voltage of the uninterruptible power supply, pay attention to the power supply. The total power of the uninterruptible power supply can meet the power of the router, so as to avoid damage to the router or damage to the uninterruptible power supply due to insufficient power consumption.


    How long can ups power a router?

    How long the UPS can only power the router is related to two necessary conditions: the power of the router and the output power of the UPS.


    In the case of a certain router power, the greater the output power of the UPS, the longer the power supply time.


    On the contrary, when the output power of the ups is unchanged, the smaller the power of the router, the longer the power supply time.


    For example, if the output power of the ups is 200w, the router can be powered on for 20 hours.

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