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    How to easily send an alarm immediately when the UPS power supply is abnormal? - uninterrupted power supply (ups)

    Date of issue:2022-04-02 General view:56

    Whether it is a bank, hospital, government agency or school, there are computer rooms, and there will be UPS power supply in the computer room, but many users do not implement any monitoring measures for the UPS when using the UPS power supply, that is, the "streaking" state. Therefore, in order to avoid the "streaking" state of the UPS, real-time monitoring of the UPS ensures the normal operation of the UPS and the safe operation of the computer room.


    UPS intelligent SMS alarm is a device SMS alarm device that fully embodies the characteristics of wireless, stability, simplicity and high mobility. It can provide users with accurate, even and reliable alarm and warning information, mainly for a large number of application equipment and systems in the computer room application environment, IT application environment, and industrial application environment.


    For example, various network equipment and systems such as servers, routers, UPS power supplies, firewalls, application software, etc., use wireless networks to realize rapid dissemination of alarm information, directly to equipment managers and IT network maintenance personnel. Industrial monitoring, traffic management, meteorology, finance, securities and other departments.




    24-hour real-time monitoring of the real-time status of the UPS power supply. When monitoring abnormal conditions such as mains power failure, temperature and humidity exceeding the upper/lower limit, etc., it can take the initiative to bind the fault detailed notice to the mobile phone number through text messages and phone calls (voice). User.


    In the case that the user's UPS power supply supports functions such as remote control on/off, self-test, etc., the user can send SMS commands through the mobile phone to realize remote control of UPS shutdown, start-up, battery self-test and other functions, and receive UPS faults at the same time. Call the police.


    Summary: The above is the reason why the UPS uninterruptible power system alarm keeps ringing. The UPS uninterruptible power supply system alarm can remind the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the problem in time, prevent accidents, and provide a cleaner and high-quality power supply function and a high-quality service power supply system.

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