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    Installation of 60KVA Three Phase Low Frequency Double-conversion Online UPS with VRLA batteries

    Date of issue:2023-03-31 General view:113

    The customer bought imported printing machines and SMT placement machines, but found that the voltage at the power consumption site was not stable, and sometimes there were power outages, which was very distressing. Therefore, after consulting our professional salesman, our salesman understood the situation on site and the condition of the equipment, and then equipped the customer with a 60KVA low frequency online UPS and 32pcs lead-acid batteries with sufficient power according to the actual situation.

    In the process of communicating with our salesman, the customer found that our salesman was very professional, and immediately arranged the order. We delivered the UPS, batterries, and battery cabinet to the site within the date required by the customer, and asked our engineers to install them. When the customer checked them, he was very satisfied. Great compliments on our products, our people, and our service.

    shenzhen SST Power has been committed to the research and development and sales of uninterruptible power supplies and to provide customers with good pre-sales and after-sales services.


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