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    Manufacturer of UPS power supply for medical equipment--Shenzhen SST Power

    Date of issue:2023-04-28 General view:343

    Uninterruptible power supply systems are used to provide backup power during power outages or fluctuations to ensure that hospitals can continue to operate normally in the event of power failures or other electrical problems. Many critical equipment and systems in hospitals, such as operating rooms, ICUs, emergency rooms, laboratories, etc., have high requirements on the reliability of power supply, because power interruptions may have a serious impact on patient safety and medical services. A hospital UPS system usually consists of one or more UPS hosts, batteries and battery cabinet, and power input and output wires connected to the hospital power system. 


    Medical systems, especially equipment such as CT machines and X-ray machines, must be equipped with UPS power supplies.


    How to choose the right medical ups power supply?

    1. An online UPS uninterruptible power supply with zero switching time needs to be selected.

    2. When supplying power to capacitive loads such as computers, its rated output power should be greater than 1.5 times the sum of the rated power of each computer equipment, and when supplying power to other electrical equipment, it should be 1.3 times the maximum calculated load.

    3. The inrush current of the load shall not exceed 150% of the rated current of the UPS.

    How to choose the UPS power supply for the hospital-related equipment? The following equipment options are suggested for your reference.

    1. Color ultrasound, biochemical analyzer, blood cell analyzer, plasma collector, electrolyte analyzer, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, CT and nuclear magnetic resonance workstation and other equipment, basically 3000VA UPS uninterruptible power supply is enough for a single instrument, For some higher power models, 6000VA is enough.

    2. CT and nuclear magnetic resonance machines need industrial low frequency on-line uninterruptible power supplies with three-phase four-wire isolation transformers. The power is basically between 80KVA and 160KVA, of which 120KVA is used for CT machines, and 100KVA and 160KVA are used for nuclear magnetic resonance machines.

    3. According to statistics, medical equipment in general villages and towns in China is disturbed by power supply more than 40 times a month, mainly including voltage changes, power outages (including short-term power outages measured in milliseconds), phase loss, and poor phase balance. Among these interferences, a large part is easy to be ignored because the naked eye cannot detect and distinguish them, but it usually affects the normal and safe use of the equipment.

    Shenzhen SST Power Co., Ltd.'s medical dedicated UPS power supply is of high quality, reasonable price and first-class service. For medical equipment with different power ratings, there are special models for different requirements. If you want to know more about medical UPS power supply, you can directly log on to the company's website and consult their customer service.


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