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    voltage stabilizer for medical equipment-automatic voltage stabilizer

    Date of issue:2022-04-09 General view:78

    As a public power grid, the power supply system is connected to thousands of various loads, including some large inductive, capacitive, switching power supplies and other loads. These loads not only obtain power from the power grid, but also affect the power grid itself, causing distortion of the mains voltage waveform or frequency drift, making the power grid worse and lowering the power supply quality of the power grid.




      In addition, natural accidents and man-made accidents, such as excessive load voltage, open circuit or short circuit of power transmission and transformation system, earthquake, and lightning strike, will endanger the normal supply of electricity, thereby affecting the normal operation of the load. At this time, it is necessary to use a voltage stabilizer to maintain the stability of the output voltage.




      Almost all medical equipment needs to be powered by electricity. In addition to medical equipment related to the technology and performance of the machine itself, the normal supply of electricity is also crucial. The normal use of medical equipment is related to the life of the patient, and a slight mistake can cause irreversible results.






      The stability and reliability of power supply are related to the lifeblood of patients. Advanced equipment also poses challenges to power supply. During the use of medical equipment, problems such as inability to work under DC/AC, electrical failure, inability to start, and output may occur. Alarm failure, leakage, burns, button failure and other phenomena caused by equipment also occur frequently. Therefore, in this case, a special voltage stabilizer for medical equipment is usually used to maintain the stability of the output voltage. However, as long as it is a voltage stabilizer, it can be regarded as a special voltage stabilizer for medical equipment, but a voltage stabilizer that meets the requirements of medical equipment is a high-quality voltage stabilizer in the voltage stabilizer.




      For medical-specific voltage stabilizers, the following requirements and conditions must be met and guaranteed:




      1. The voltage stabilizer for medical equipment must be high-precision first, and the higher the voltage stabilization accuracy, the more stable the operation of the stable medical equipment.




      2. The voltage stabilizer for medical equipment must also meet the maintenance-free and mechanical operation voltage stabilizer, because if the voltage stabilizer has a mechanical failure when the medical equipment is working, we all know that mechanical failure will occur only in the equipment with mechanical action (such as carbon The brush type voltage stabilizer is a mechanical operation voltage stabilizer, also called a contact voltage stabilizer).




      3. The voltage stabilizer for medical equipment must also meet the three-phase sub-adjustment function: this phase is not a more sexual requirement, but is only considered from the hospital space and cost. The voltage stabilizer with three-phase sub-adjustment function can be mixed with three-phase equipment and single-phase equipment at the same time. It is not necessary to separate the three-phase electrical equipment from the single-phase electrical equipment and separately purchase the voltage stabilizer for single-phase medical equipment and three-phase medical equipment. Equipment-specific voltage stabilizer.




      4. The anti-interference ability is also a rigid requirement of the voltage stabilizer for medical special equipment.




      5. Protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, phase loss and automatic bypass are also indispensable conditions for medical equipment.




      What kind of voltage stabilizer is a dedicated voltage stabilizer for medical equipment?




      1. In terms of speed, the voltage stabilizer for medical equipment must meet the above conditions.




      2. The voltage stabilizer that meets the above conditions must be a non-contact voltage stabilizer. The contactless voltage regulator has the characteristics of fast voltage stabilization, high voltage stabilization accuracy, three-phase sub-adjustment, anti-interference, and multiple protection functions. In the voltage stabilization work, there is no mechanical operation and maintenance-free features.

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